Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Lines: Week 2

NFL 2012 - Week 2
The Lines - a collective collaboration with Eighth Round Pick

Using our collective insight (and Football Locks),  teams up with  () to bring you our Lines for Week 2 of the NFL Season. This week, Kevin opted for $2 Beers & 50 Cent Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, so his analysis isn't here, however here's his picks:

NE -13.5. Stl +3. Bal +2. Sea +3. Den +3. Loving the underdogs this week.

Now for my take:

Week 1 was horrendous, let me just first say that. Quite simply put, it’s all about rebounding, so that means choosing the matchups which make the most sense, and we’ll look at some of the ‘hot’ teams from Week 1 in the Spreads.

NYG (-7.5) vs. Tampa Bay
Tampa is a sell team at this point, and you’d be a fool to think that the Giants will go 0-2, especially playing again at home. Look for Manning to have a killer day, and Josh Freeman to struggle.

New England (-13.5) vs. Arizona
The Patriots Defense vs. Kevin Kolb. That’s really about all you need to know. Well, that and the fact that there is zero run game support for the Cardinals, so the defense will be on the field a lot more than they will want to be. 

Dallas (-3) At Seattle
Yes, Seattle is a tough place to play. Arizona troubled Russell Wilson in his debut. Assuming there’s no phantom four timeouts, and the Dallas defense shows up like they did against the may be a long day in Seattle

Pittsburgh (-6) vs. NYJ
Sorry, I’m not sold on the Jets either. Ben Roe looked impressive aside from that one interception thrown that sealed their fate. The Jets defense may be better, but in a balance of good defenses, the checkmate goes to the offense that will be able to break it open.

Denver (+3) At Atlanta
This will be the one alteration I take . Atlanta is favored (-3), but with Grimes going down, and the Falcons defense not being all that impressive....Manning will salivate at the reads he will get. One thing is for certain, Matt Ryan won’t produce what he did in Week 1. Count on it.

Week Two Picks
  • New England Patriots -13.5
  • St. Louis +3
  • Baltimore +2
  • Seattle +3
  • Denver +3
  • NYG -7.5
  • New England -13.5
  • Dallas -3
  • Pittsburgh -6
  • Denver +3
One thing is for sure, we agree that the Pats will rock, and Atlanta won't.

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