Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NFL - Week 2 Quick Hits

NFL Season: Week 2
Winners, Losers, Quick Hits, & WTF!?

Cardinals - Give them credit, you were a UNANIMOUS loser in this game, and even with Kevin Kolb, you managed to win

Eagles - Tough, hard fought win at home against a Ravens team that should have beat them

Colts - Congrats to Andrew Luck & company on their first win. You're almost to the total to last year! But seriously, one of the more entertaining games of Sunday was between the Vikes & Colts

Giants - Rebounding from last week, and looked as though they'd fall to 0-2, give Eli Manning credit for making you a happy fantasy owner after you wanted to strangle him

Reggie Bush - 172 Yard outing for the Phins, what a performance!

Football Fans Everywhere - RIP Steve Sabol (1942-2012)

Jaguars - 117 Total Net Yards, that's all you need to know

Cowboys - You follow up an impressive win against the defending Super Bowl champs in their own house with an embarrassing 27-7 loss

Jay Cutler - Under fire, under pressure, and looked no better than a Pee Wee QB against the Packers

Chris Johnson - Well give him credit, he got into double digit yards this week with 17

Josh Morgan - Because of this...

Quick Hits
'Our Idiot Kicker' -Patriot fans

'Our Idiot Receiver' -Redskin fans

'We're that terrible' -Jaguar fans (well, whatever is left of them)

'It's not December yet!' -Cowboy fans

'That's probably the most points we will see all year, and we lost' -Browns fans

Danny Amendola had a career high 15 catches for the Rams

Giants Lead Stat Sheet for the Week: Eli Manning passed for 510 yards, Hakeem Nicks with 199 yards & Victor Cruz with 179 yards

Jay Cutler's QB Rating was 28.2 for Thursday

The Saints are 0-2 along with Chiefs, Raiders, Jaguars, Titans, & Browns

2-0 clubs that didn't make the playoffs last year: Eagles, Cardinals, & Chargers

The Cardinals are your NFC West Division Leaders

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