Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NFL - Week 1 Quick Hits

NFL Season: Week 1
Winners, Losers, Quick Hits, & WTF!?

Bears - Impressive re-debut of Marshall/Cutler duo, and as expected, Mike Martz is not missed

Ravens - Congrats to Ed Reed for passing Rod Woodson for most INT return yards in NFL History, & Joe Flacco looked impressive

Redskins - Give credit where it's due, RGIII showed up in a big way, and Mike Shanahan found his new Terrell Davis, for at least one more week

49ers - Victory, in Lambeau, in the opener? Yup, you get on here.

Broncos - Peyton Manning is backkkkk, at least this week. Tracy Porter had an impressive start, that secondary could be trouble

You'd think one of these days the Ravens Defense would slow down? Oh yeah, no Suggs mind you.

Bills - Looks like I ate those words on my prediction to start the season off. They looked atrocious, and Fred Jackson is already hurt.

Browns - It's going to be a terribly long season this year. You pick Mike Vick off 4 times & still can't win? Yeah....maybe has something to do with Brandon Weeden throwing 4 picks? Or Trent Richardson's whopper of a day with 39 yards on 19 carries?

Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill, ouch of a way to start, long season awaits

Chiefs - High hopes started on a sour note, at home, again

Chris Johnson - 4 yards on 11 carries. 4.

Raiders - Man those Special Teams look great. At least Janikowski got you some fantasy points?

The Replacement Refs, enough said. If you don't buy that? Here: 21 Worst Replacement Ref Mistakes from Sunday

Not again!

Quick Hits
'Hey! I'm back on the bandwagon!' -Dallas Cowboy fans (at least till December)

'We still suck, terribly. Bring back Colt McCoy?' -Cleveland Brown fans

'Yeah, I've always loved my team' -New York Jet fans as they throw away the Giants gear they just purchased

'We're going to the Super Bowl!' -Washington Redskin fans after an upset victory over the Saints (also see: Jets, Falcons)

'Wait, we won?' -Tampa Bay Buc fans who didn't bother to show up or watch the game

'I'm gonna use four timeouts next week!' -Pete Caroll

Kudos to Adrian Peterson & Peyton Manning for tremendous showings in their 'comebacks'

Kudos to David Aker for tying the NFL Record long 63-Yard Field Goal against Green Bay. What's even better? It wasn't in Mile High Stadium (ahem, Janikowski & Elam)

The #1 Waiver Request for all fantasy owners this week? Kevin Ogletree

Good to see Manning in his groove, unless you are a Steelers fan.

Washington, Atlanta, NY Jets, Chicago, Baltimore amassed over 40 points in Week 1 (2 aren't necessarily a shock, but the other three are not a typo)

The best record & second best record NFC teams last year, Green Bay (15-1) & New Orleans (13-3) are 0-1.

Leading rusher for the Carolina Panthers this week? Kealoha Pilares with 1 carry for 5 yards. Deangelo Williams? -1 yard 5 carries, and Cam Newton 4 yards on 5 carries.

ZERO 400 yard passers in Week 1, the highest & only one over 350? Matthew Stafford

The leading Receiver of Week 1? Reggie Wayne (135 Yards)

'Looks clean to me!' Said no one ever.

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