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1st & 5 Pick'em! (Week 4)

1st & 5:

Week by Week Picks for the 2012 NFL Season

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THE NFL THIS SEASON!? See Week 3 Results Here! It was a week that Jared dominated by going 8-8.

Your Leaderboard after 3 Weeks:

1st: TheRealJRad (22-26)
2nd: Hispandrix (20-28)
3rd: Mosh N' Hops (17-31)

Notes from Hispandrix
CLE@BAL: Baltimore at home, and riding a high. They should be undefeated at this point. However, as I alluded to in my Week 4: Lines, the Ravens are 10-0 at home going back to last season. I don't really see much changing here, as there is little to stop the Ravens Offense, and not even enough on the Browns to overcome the Defense.

SD@KC: I'm not sold on the Chiefs just because of one game. I know with the Bolts having a piss poor showing against the Falcons last week, this is a team who tends to play a little better on the road. I believe they'll be able to keep Charles in check, and win out in a squeaker in a hostile environment.

SF@NYJ: No Revis, you'll see how much that will affect things. I'm not saying they'll torch them, but it will create certain mismatches that will help the 49ers make things happen, and if you don't believe that, then take your chances with Mark Sanchez lead offense against the 49ers Defense.

SEA@STL: (Insert the Golden Tate pushoff intertouchdownception joke here). St. Louis is a much better team than it's given credit for. It's a divisional matchup, and I believe the Jeff Fisher lead Rams will cause a good bit of disruption for Russell Wilson & company, and more importantly outcoach the Seahawks to lead to a win.

CAR@ATL: 3 games in, Matt Ryan is in the running for 'Early MVP' - which makes me feel like puking. Carolina needs this win, and I believe it's time for a reality check for the Falcons. I look for Newton to get back to his ways, and win out in a shootout type of matchup. Steve Smith may end up being the thorn in the Falcons ass all day.

MIN@DET: I want to sort of take the Vikings, but the Lions, even with Shaun Hill have enough to contain the threats of AP & Christian Ponder. I believe the win over San Francisco was a huge ego boost, and I expect this to be close. However, after the loss last week in Tennessee, my odds are on Detroit.

NE@BUF: Off a loss, no coach, no problem. It'll be a heavy dose of Brady to whichever random receiver day, and get the Pats back to .500

TEN@HOU: Houston has way too many weapons for the Titans to wish to contain. Schaub losing a chunk of earlobe last Sunday was one of the weirdest things ever, my all time vote goes to Ronnie Lott - After Losing a Finger though. Chris Johnson has been so terrible. I don't even think a division rival game is enough to get him going. Last game he was outrushed by Jake Locker, and no that's not a joke. That's the truth.

CIN@JAC: Give Cincy credit for winning in Washington to spoil RGIII's debut at home. This team is better than I would have thought coming out of the gates. Andy Dalton is proving that he is a legit threat, and is making AJ Green downright scary. Jacksonville found a source of offense, which is always MJD. I think this may come down to a last drive perhaps, but Cincy will win.

MIA@AZ: Arizona at home is becoming a pain in the ass for a lot of teams. A Reggie Bush-less Dolphins team doesn't help things either. Kolb is finding his groove with Larry Fitzgerald, which is uber scary considering fans were calling for his head not so long ago.

OAK@DEN: Peyton Manning, the spotlight is on you again sir. These are the types of games that the Broncos will expect him to show up to. Focus on getting up early, and making the Raiders get into a situation where they rely on Carson Palmer, that's sound advice for anyone up against them.

WAS@TB: Probably one of the most intriguing under the radar matchups of the week here. Losing at home was quite an unexpected blow to the Skins ego last week. Sadly, Shanahan lost one of his eighty running backs, Roy Helu, for the season. So naturally, they trolled the waiver wire & signed Ryan Grant. None of this has bearing on Sunday, I just believe RGIII will be better than Josh Freeman, but It'll be very close though. I think the Bucs D can help them out here, but that'll be the only way the Bucs would escape with a win.

NO@GB: Not gonna say much here, I'll let my Keys to the Game speak for that. I'll just say we need this bad, and play a Packers team who just got screwed out of a win.

NYG@PHI: Giants looked the team I thought they would be at the beginning of the season last week against the Panthers. These NFC East matchups are always hard to call, but I believe it will come down to the final minute, and I'll take Eli over Vick in that regards, especially after Eli found a new receiver toy last week, and gets Nicks back this week.

CHI@DAL: I think Jay Cutler will screw this one up. The one key thing for Bears hopefuls is that Dallas looked atrocious at home against the Bucs last week, but still manufactured the win. If Cutler can establish some continuity with Marshall/Jeffery early (which will be hard given the secondary), they could escape with a win. However, I'll take my chances with Dallas this week.

TheRealJRad's take: Onside Punt (By the way, congrats on establishing yourself sir!)

Brandon's take: Juris Doctor (Also congrats on the birth of your blog!)

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