Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL - Week 3 Quick Hits

NFL Season: Week 3
Winners, Losers, Quick Hits, & WTF!?

Arizona Cardinals, who remain undefeated, after an impressive win at home against the Eagles

Jamaal Charles - love or hate it, Charles rushed for 233 yards (over 260 Total Yards of offense) & MJD with 177 yards rushing (way to win the game for the Jags)

Chris Clemons - Four sacks against Green Bay, on a night where even a Pee Wee D-Line could have got to Rodgers

Titans & Raiders - congrats on the first wins, in impressive fashion (Jags & Chiefs don't count, because I said so)

Giants - Huge statement win in Carolina against Cam Newton and company

Cardinals are the most surprising 3-0 team this season

The replacement refs, period.

Bill Bellicheck - it wasn't so bad that his team lost, but he couldn't even get the refs attention, and grabbed him resulting in a one game suspension

Jets - Yes, they won, but they lost Darrell Revis for the season with an ACL injury

Matt Schaub - Losing part of your ear lobe, ouch! See It Here

Lots of bad calls, none worse than this.

Quick Hits
'Interceptouchdown' -Refs on the MNF final play call

'Wait, we're supposed to score points?' -Chargers Offense

'Fucking Minnesota!?' -49ers Fans

'I graduated class of August' -Replacement Referee Answer after Goodell asking about qualifications

'I didn't want Dallas to score' -Referee who threw hat at Ogletree to trip him up: See It Here

'Illegal block in the back, kicking team' -Referee during opening kickoff of 49ers/Vikings (That's not a typo)

Chris Johnson was out rushed by Jake Locker 35-24.

Houston, Atlanta, & Arizona remain your only unbeaten teams this season

Saints are winless along with the Browns.....the Browns...

The Packers allowed 8 sacks in the first half to the Seahawks

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