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1st & 5 Pick'em! (Week 3)

1st & 5:

Week by Week Picks for the 2012 NFL Season

Week 2 was quite the boil on my ass, and my mates too. Your leaderboard through 2 weeks are as follows:

T-1: Hispandrix | TheRealJRad (14-18)
3rd: Mosh N' Hops (11-21)

Notes from Hispandrix
NYG@CAR: I like the Giants defense to disrupt Cam Newton & the Panthers run game a lot in this Thursday matchup. The injuries to Bradshaw & Nicks are going to hurt, which makes it a great time for Ruben Randle to shine (so I hope). If you saw what Jimmy Graham did last week against the Panthers, you could see a decent showing from Martellus Bennett.

TB@DAL: Jekyll/Hyde Cowboys at home. I imagine they'll come out after getting put in check last week by the Seahawks. Tampa Bay had a great start on the road Sunday, but couldn't finish. I think you may see a pretty bad Josh Freeman outing this time around. But then again, the Cowboys could just choke themselves right out of a win.

JAC@IND: Jacksonville is terrible, that's all I have to say. Congrats to the Colts for their win on Sunday. Maybe Jacksonville will produce more than 117 yards of offense, but they won't be able to stop Andrew Luck & company. I'm sorry MJD, I wish things were better for you.

BUF@CLE: Cleveland just scored the most points they may get all season. Buffalo laid an egg in Week 1, and came back in a big way in Week 2. You may have better luck going back in time to get Scott Norwood to kick the ball the right way instead of predicting what Bills team will show up Sunday.

NYJ@MIA: I'm taking Miami, or Reggie Bush carrying the team on his back. The Jets came off a piss poor showing against the Steelers. I believe the Jets will ultimately win this game because of their defense, but that's assuming the offense will be able to get things going this week.

KC@NO: Must win at the Superdome, you'll see complete Keys to the Game in a few days.

CIN@WAS: One idiot receiver move away from potentially being 2-0. Honestly I think Cincy could win this one, but with the RGIII chaos & bandwagon, and at'll see the Skins edge this one out.

STL@CHI: Jay Cutler, lol. He just can't seem to beat Green Bay. Give St. Louis & Jeff Fisher some respect & credit for winning last week. They almost beat Detroit in Week 1. Scary how this team is almost 2-0. However, even without Matt Forte, Michael Bush will have a great day for the Bears, and limit Cutler having to do much to get the 'W'

SF@MIN: Too much defensively to predict a Minnesota team to beat them. AP could be 150% healthy & I still wouldn't take them. 49ers will cruise to victory.

DET@TEN: Titans, Chris Johnson, have been utterly disappointing. I'm just wondering if Chris Johnson might actually do something this Sunday. Detroit will roll this Sunday, and force the Titans into 0-3 spot.

ATL@SD: Falcons with 4 Turnovers, and win by 6. San Diego is red hot, and proved they didn't need Gates/Meachem/Mathews to win. They may be getting Mathews back this weekend, and it's in San Diego. Rivers should roll.

PHI@AZ: I seriously want to take the Cardinals on this one, mainly because they are playing in Arizona. Yes, they just came off that Patriots victory, which no one ever saw coming, not even Cardinal fans. Philly beat out the Ravens, and Vick is starting to play at least better than last year. Kolb may get his course of boos, and struggle against his former team.

PIT@OAK: Sympathy yards from Carson Palmer (who threw for 373 last week against the Phins). They lost in a bad way, and the Steelers are incredibly better. Even if it is in Oakland, I'll see Big Ben slide into third on that terrible field, and get the Steelers another victory.

HOU@DEN: Had Denver won, I might be on their train. Houston is extremely hot. With that two headed monster of Tate-Foster, and then the other things....I'll take the Texans to beat the Broncos at home. Just remember this, it's not like they haven't played Peyton in the past (maybe that counts for something for the Broncos).

NE@BAL: At Baltimore, revenge from the Championship game. It's scary that one of these teams will fall to 1-2 after this one. I'm gonna say it'll be the Patriots. I just hope Ray Lewis hits the piss out of Kellen Winslow Jr.

GB@SEA: Green Bay looked like they should have in Week 1. Playing in Seattle is no easy task, but I like the Pack to roll to an easy victory. Especially since they realized that Cedric Benson can still run.

TheRealJRad's take: Onside Punt (By the way, congrats on establishing yourself sir!)

Brandon's take: Juris Doctor (Also congrats on the birth of your blog!)

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Thanks to  for the collaboration & analysis (you should see a common theme, hint hint)

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