Monday, September 24, 2012

Game 3 Rapid Reaction: Chiefs @ Saints

Chiefs 27, Saints 24 (OT)

Missed Calls, Flat Offense, & Jamaal Charles lead to loss

Like all of you, I’m very dejected after yesterday. The Saints were up 24-6, and victory seemed all but wrapped up. However, the Chiefs manufactured a comeback, and beat the Saints in OT to prevail & send the Saints to 0-3. The Saints maybe beat themselves yesterday. I am almost dreading writing this up, because the many reasons the Saints lost were because of some of the things that were failed on that I alluded to in my Keys to the Game.

Pierre Thomas – NOT a Touchdown???
We all remember, and this completely changed the momentum of the game when the call was reversed with ‘Indisputable Evidence’ saying that PT didn’t catch the ball. It was simply an amazing play, and effort to get the ball. When you review a scoring play, the call on the field has huge merit in how it is interpreted. This is one that was completely blown, and this is not bias. The ball did NOT move. There wasn’t a conclusive angle that showed the ball HIT THE GROUND. What was the direct result of the PT blown call? Garrett Hartley misses a 38 Yard Field Goal. You go from 7 Points to 0 Points. I’m not calling for Hartley’s blood, but you had to know that this was inevitable.

Defense Fails – But blame the Offense
The Saints defense surrendered 510 Yards of Total Offense. There’s not much to say other than that. Of that, 273 came on the ground. This included a 91-Yard scramble by Jamaal Charles to bring the Chiefs their life after the Saints went up 24-6. Charles finished with 233 Yards Rushing, and accounted for 55 Receiving. The defense did manage to produce 4 Sacks, 2 Fumbles, & an Interception on the day. David Hawthorne left with a hamstring injury, and did not return. You can say what you will about the defense letting down, but it was more on the offense in my opinion. Why? Here’s the results of four 4th
 quarter drives with their total offense: Punt (2 Yards), Punt (-8 Yards), Safety (-9 Yards), and a kneel down at the end of regulation for -1 Yards. You tell me how gassed our defense was.

Brees Mistake – Again!
rd Quarter – Brees under throws Devery Henderson near the goal line late, which Stanford Routt intercepted & gave the ball back to the Chiefs after the Jamaal Charles drive. Each game, Brees has turned it over in the air, and it was never a good decision. We all demand a lot from Brees, and to have this happen in such a pivotal point of the game will bring a ton of skepticism.

Offensive Line – Our Tackles Failed
Zach Strief was picked on yesterday, and it was blatantly evident that it affected things. Derrick Johnson disrupted Brees several times on the day, which included 2 Hits, 9 Tackles, and a sack. I stated that the Offensive Line had to protect Brees, which is a given you know, but what’s not is poor blocking that doesn’t enable Brees to have a fighting chance to spot the open man. The Chiefs called up the blitzes, and it wasn’t solved for in the 4th

It’s an awkward moment when you realize that you have the same record as the Browns, and are at the bottom of the charts with NO wins. It’s disheartening to see the team that went 8-0 in the Dome last year is now 0-2 to start this season. The Saints have an extremely tough two games coming. Another trip to Lambeau is not even close to being an easy game for the team. The last team to start 0-3 after a 13 win season was the Titans in 2009, who finished at 8-8. Before that? A host of teams that did not finish at .500 – what do you think & how do you feel?

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  1. Like you I'm also struggling with that call on PT's touchdown. But here's the real kicker on this whole thing. Yeah, the Saints are 0-3, but the teams who have beat the Saints have a collective record of 0-6 against teams that are not from New Orleans. Thats not good.